Hi, my name is Martine, as the founder of The Yoga Clinic I wish to introduce myself. I am a dedicated Yogi, passionate Yoga Teacher and Psychotherapist.

I believe that our world would be a better place if each of us would embrace a practice of mindfulness through yoga and meditation and getting to know and love ourselves. I know about the great impact and the transformative power that yoga, the practice of Ayurveda and the benefit of relationships can have on our lives. No matter what history, religion, age, or anatomy you have. Yoga has given me a sense of calm and of being at home with myself. My daily practice gives me the confidence to live my life with authenticity and integrity. I feel deeply privileged to be sharing yoga and therapy services with others. I hope to facilitate a safe space in which you can experience your body and breath as a pathway to healing; as a pathway to be.

I love supporting others to grow in confidence, connect to their bodies and become more precious to themselves. The Yoga Clinic focuses on holistic mental and physical wellbeing. In order to address specific physical or psychological aspects, we combine effective therapeutic sequences with the holistic curing effects of yoga practice in general.

If you are yearning to feel the best version of yourself that you can be and to feel more safe and in control in your life, you are in the right place. My vision is to create a safe place where you can have a ‘present moment’ and ‘mindful’ experience. The hallmark of my work is to offer compassionate care with the highest professional standards.

At The Yoga Clinic we present yoga as a healing tool for physical and emotional well-being. We all arrive on our mats with different life experiences, past injuries, levels of yoga experience and flexibility, different body shapes and levels of fitness and varying levels of self esteem and body awareness. Therefore to be respectful and to provide a safe space for everyone to practice, all yoga classes will be carried out in a trauma informed way, which means that there will not be anyone intruding in your physical space, there will be no physical assists ( in classes other than Mysore) unless requested by the participant, the teacher will guide you, however it is your CHOICE to move in the way that feels best for your body in the moment, and to alter your practice to meet your own needs. Support will be available before and after class and students are welcomed to seek clarification and to check in with the teacher as needed.


Practice, abhyasa, is the heart and soul of yoga. I hope to see you on the mat.


Martine McDougall



‘What is Yoga’?

‘Why should I practice’?


A common question is ‘What is Yoga’ and ‘Why should I practice’?