Since I began my yoga journey at 8 Limbs, I have experienced benefits that have far exceeded my expectations. The obvious being a stronger, more flexible and toned body.

I have a stronger physical core which provides greater stability and balance. I have a lot more energy and greater endurance which means I can go about my day with efficiency and much enthusiasm. I have also developed a deeper understanding of all my physical strengths and weaknesses. I communicate with my body in a way I never knew possible.

Understanding the body and accepting its unique characteristics is an incredibly humbling experience that paves the way for significant personal growth. The time I spend on my mat in practice is time dedicated wholly to myself and my overall wellbeing. It is also a time where I am not bombarded with stress or worry concerning the past or future. My mind can settle and find peace in the present moment. It’s such an amazing place to be but when do we make ourselves available to it?

I am a happier, healthier, stronger person because of Ashtanga Yoga. My heart is filled with love and gratitude because I have yoga in my life and a body that allows me to practice.

May all beings benefit from my practice. Om Shanthi.


‘… my love for yoga has grown rom a desire to learn more…’

Sylvia Andrews

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