Mindfulness Based Yoga Therapy

Mindfulness based yoga therapy combines a unique healing combination of breath, movement, Yoga philosophy, dialogue, along with a sequenced flow and meditation intertwined with traditional psychotherapy intervention models. The focus is not exclusively on the Yoga postures and the class will be tailored to the group or to the individual. The eight limbs of yoga and the Chakra’s are woven in as themes in the healing process. Yoga involves spinal movements that activate the body’s chakras and can easily release a person’s physical tension and pain, which then in turn can help release stored emotions.

Mindfulness is a large part of Yoga Therapy as it incorporates awareness of the body’s functions and feelings. Mindfulness helps individuals understand their own thought processes.

Mindful awareness is about being in tune with how one feels and having an awareness of what is going on inside one’s body. With Yoga, meditation and practice we can learn to trust and understand the messages given by our own body. Studies have shown that Mindful Yoga and meditation can affect the cerebral cortex, improving focus and awareness. The cerebral cortex is the centre of the brain that is responsible for impulses, irrational thoughts and behaviours.

The practice of Yoga addresses human suffering and it does it in our most immediate and accessible environment – the body.


Benefits of Mindfulness Based Yoga Therapy include:

  • Integration of physical and mental health
  • Acceptance of one’s self and body
  • Enhanced ability to make healthy choices
  • Increased self-esteem
  • Connection to self and others
  • Vitality and engagement in life
  • to regain a sense of comfort and ease,
  • to non-verbally process feelings that transcend language, and
  • to experientially cultivate a friendly relationship with the body, serving as a reminder of their innate resilience.


Mindfulness Based Yoga Therapy is an integrative therapy suited to clients
wishing to improve:

  • Distress tolerance – staying with a challenging experience without
    becoming overwhelmed
  • Mindful noticing – noticing our physical sensations, emotions and
    thoughts, with an attitude of compassion & acceptance.
  • Emotional regulation – the opportunity to manage changing mood states, by using opportunities to self regulate and self soothe.

This class is suited to clients who are suffering from eating Disorders, body image issues, depression and who struggle to cope with distress. Mindfulness Based Yoga is run in a small group setting, this class incorporates yoga postures, talk therapy and psycho education. This therapy is also offered individually.

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