Trauma Centre Trauma-Sensitive Yoga

Trauma Centre Trauma-Sensitive Yoga works in conjunction with conventional clinical therapies to support healing by gently assisting survivors to reconnect with their bodies in a safe supportive environment. This unique yoga therapy supports the body to feel safe, strong and comfortable and teaches people how to recognise and modulate arousal that is felt in the body. TC-TSY brings the body into treatment complementing conventional talk therapies and can support healing and recovery by:

  • Soothing the bodies alarm system
  • Learning ways to calm down and self regulate
  • Presenting opportunities for present moment experiences and cultivating positive emotions
  • Increasing spatial awareness and body attunement
  • Practicing making choices and presenting opportunities to take effective action
  • Reduce activation of the sympathetic nervous system, muscle tension and blood pressure.

This is a 6 week group program and is designed to support participants who are engaged in therapy currently.


Group Classes

This class takes a limited amount of participants and all students must pre book prior to the commencement of the course. Classes are 60 minutes for group sessions and are held  online livestream, all classes are recorded and will be made available if missed. Please  contact us hello@therafoundation.net to discuss your suitability for the group sessions.


Individual Sessions

Trauma Sensitive Yoga is also available on a one to one basis and are 50 minutes for individual sessions. Sessions are hosted online. Please contact us hello@therafoundation.net to discuss your suitability for individual sessions.



Class & Course Schedule

The next 6 week Trauma-Sensitive Yoga course will commence on August 26th 2023  Please note that this course will now be offered online. Recording will be made available for any missed classes. For bookings please see the link below.


For individual one to one sessions book via https://www.therafoundation.net/ for more information. 



Trauma Centre Trauma-Sensitive Yoga (TCTSY) is an empirically validated, adjunctive clinical treatment for complex trauma or chronic, treatment-resistant PTSD. Developed at the Trauma Centre in Brookline, Massachusetts, TCTSY has foundations in Trauma Theory, Attachment Theory, and Neuroscience as well as deep roots in Yoga.


TCTSY Timeline

Key Research Findings

For more information, please visit www.traumasensitiveyoga.com

Trauma Centre Trauma-Sensitive Yoga

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