Yoga for Depression

Depression affects a multitude of our population and anti depressants and therapy are the most common treatment modalities used to treat depression. Whilst both of these treatment options are beneficial and have their place, there is a body of research to suggest that Yoga can provide significant relief from depression as we use the breath as a gateway to awareness, we use physical forms to activate the body and allow us to experience present moment awareness and to feel sensation in the body. This coupled with the use of relaxation techniques and an introduction to mindfulness meditations will provide you with the opportunity to experience a deeper sense of vitality, awaken the senses, improve your mood and sense of wellbeing and

A regular yoga practice over time alters the fundamental biochemistry of the body. Yoga helps raise levels of oxcytocin, a hormone that reduces blood pressure and cortisol levels and relaxes the whole body. Depression is often isolating, the group process supports a gentle transition to re-engaing socially in a safe and supported environment.

Yoga encompasses 3 elements, asanas (physical forms), controlled breath and a period of relaxation and meditation, these 3 elements combined support the process of recovery from depression. This class aims to provide a safe space with a teacher who has knowledge in the diagnosis and treatment of depression. The forms included in this class will be specifically chosen and combine to make a sequence which supports the central nervous system to both activate and relax, whilst providing an opportunity to join others and feel connected.

The class is 60 minutes and is run as a 8 week group. This course must be pre booked. You are welcome to book online and to make contact to discuss using the online contact form or by contacting Martine directly on 0409 177 614.

Medicare rebates are possible through your GP for 6 classes. The rebate for this class will not impact your Medicare funded rebate for your individual therapy. Download a copy of a letter to present to you GP here.


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