Pre-natal or Pregnancy Support Counselling

Pre-natal Counselling is available to support pregnant woman to address all pregnancy-related issues in a non directive counselling style. A medicare rebate of up to 3 sessions is available to women who are currently pregnant or who has been pregnant in the preceding 12 months via your General Practitioner.

Though pregnancy can be challenging for both parents, in many cases the pregnant woman experiences the greatest amount of strain. Although pregnancy may proceed smoothly for many women, however, even an “easy” pregnancy may be accompanied by some mental or physical concerns, and many mothers-to-be experience stress and anxiety regarding the health of their child, the impending birth, or the variety of complications that can occur with pregnancy. These worries may be mild or severe, but the stress they can cause may lead some women to experience increased physical or mental strain, depression or poor physical health, all of which may lead to increased risk in childbirth.

While pregnancy often elicits many positive emotions, it can also cause a woman to experience negative thoughts and feelings. During pregnancy, past issues, insecurities, relationship difficulties, and financial issues can become real and immediate concerns. A woman who is expecting may find herself experiencing mood swings, anxiety, forgetfulness, or body image issues. Women who experienced depression or anxiety before becoming pregnant may be more likely to experience mental health concerns during pregnancy.

Therapy can help expectant mothers, women who are facing postpartum concerns, and the partners of these women to address the various issues that pregnancy and childbirth are likely to cause.


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