‘Simply Living’ Sessions

‘Simply Living’ Sessions provide you with the space to explore physical and emotional wellbeing and ways of enhancing your lifestyle. The session/s can simply be used to explore ways to create the foundations of a healthy and sustainable lifestyle and as an opportunity to set goals and intentions or it can be used to explore relationships, habits that you might like to change or perhaps life changing situations or current challenges you may be facing.

Life often throws us curve balls which we struggle to manage along with everyday life stressors, by taking the time you have in these sessions clients are encouraged to pause, reflect and process and be supported to gain acceptance and find solutions to their challenges. We are the experts on ourselves however what we often need is the ability to stop and reflect and name what is happening in our lives that is getting in the way and causing discontent. ‘Simply Living’ sessions helps to simplify your life by creating the opportunity and space in your mind to see clearly and make decisions that are wise and kind to ourselves.


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Please contact Martine on 0409177614 or e-mail [email protected] to discuss your therapy needs.

Please be advised there is currently a 4 to 6 month waitlist for appointments with Martine.




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Explore your emotional wellbeing, to create the foundations of a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.