Ashtanga Based Guided

The Yoga Clinic Perth offers Ashtanga Based Guided Yoga classes, for those who feel ready to move on from the beginners class can attend this class to embrace the flowing nature of the practice of the ashtanga yoga Primary series (half primary series). The focus is on good technique, understanding the correct sequence and coordinating the correct breath with the postures. This class is great for those who want to get their energy flowing with less stopping and starting for instruction.

This is a led class, the role of led classes seems to be to both learn and practice the method. Come to class and be guided through each pose that will include modifications to allow students at all levels to safely practice. The teacher gives instruction on how to do the postures safely, protecting your joints and building your core strength. Modifications and variations are offered to allow for different strengths and weaknesses in your body. You will gain an understanding of the fundamental postures of yoga.

Practice the rhythmic flow of the Ashtanga Series (half series), and learn about surrender: To step on your mat and flow through the practice on the vinyasa count presented by your teacher. Everyone practices the same postures at the same time as the teacher provides modifications and demonstrations where needed.


Benefits of a guided class include:

  1. Community. We get to move and breathe with a group of like-minded souls. Feel welcome to stay after class for a coffee or chai.
  2. Breathing. We breathe using a full diaphragmatic, rhythmic breath In this class you follow the vinyasa count.
  3. Tradition. We love the tradition of ashtanga. The guided class brings us deeply into this tradition, connecting us with thousands of yogis around the world who practice the same way.
  4. Vinyasa. You will learn the correct vinyasa, how to inhale and exhale into and out of postures.
  5. Sanskrit. Posture names are given in sanskrit and in English translation which allows students to embrace learning posture names, if this is of interest to you. This is the easiest way to learn the Sanskrit names of the postures. Knowing Sanskrit is important, because the Sanskrit sounds produce specific subtle vibrations that affect our bodies and minds.
  6. Surrender. Follow the teachers count, allow yourself to let go all the mind’s busyness and surrender to the present moment.


These classes are open for casual attendance. We recommend attending twice a week or more.

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