General Beginners Yoga / Yoga Basics

Yoga Basics is a 75 minutes class that you can attend weekly or on a casual basis. It is ideal for complete beginners, or those returning to yoga after a break or those wanting to have an opportunity to focus on technique, postural cues and alignment in a teaching format.

The aim of this course is to support students to learn the foundation postures of
yoga so that you can confidently attend vinyasa, hatha, yin, restorative and
general yoga classes.

This class supports students with general wellbeing, current research
confirms that yoga is an amazing practice for improving your overall health
and wellbeing.

Increasing flexibility and gaining strength are some of the most obvious
benefits of a frequent yoga practice. But don’t worry, you don’t have to be
able to touch your toes to do yoga! Yoga meets you where you are. Gaining
strength and flexibility helps prevent back pain and helps with arthritis.Yoga
lowers cortisol levels, therefore increasing immunity and improves your mood.
Yoga is mindful-based practice that is good for the MIND, a physical practice
that is good for the BODY, and a spiritual practice that connects you with your

In our general beginners classes you’ll go slow and steady as you learn
breath techniques and awareness of alignment to understand the most
fundamental foundation postures and principals of yoga. You’ll be supported,
challenged and nurtured into a real knowledge of the basics.

Ideal for the absolute beginner, but also any practitioner interested in stepping
back and making sure a solid foundation is in place. Numbers are limited, so
plenty of personal attention is guaranteed!

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