Mindfulness Based Qi Gong

This class is based on the teachings of Master Tan’s Wellness Medical QiGong. Master Tan states that Medical Qigong is a “gift of Chinese civilisation to mankind.” In this class we systematically work through the body in an effort to have purposeful regulation of both breath and mind coordinated with the regulation of the body.

Qi is the Chinese word for ‘life force’. Qigong exercises consist of a series of orchestrated practices including body posture/movement, breath practice, and meditation, all designed to enhance Qi function (that is, drawing upon natural forces to optimize and balance energy within) through the attainment of deeply focused and relaxed states. From the perspective of Western thought and science, Qigong practices activate naturally occurring physiological and psychological mechanisms of self-repair and health recovery.

Qigong shares the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine and offers us a way of influencing and directing Qi (energy) for medical benefits.

A key underlying philosophy of the practice is that  Qigong has an effect on the cultivation of balance and harmony of Qi, positively influencing the human energy complex (Qi channels/pathways) which functions as a holistic, coherent and mutually interactive system.

Studies have shown significant benefits of Qi Gong including improved  bone health, cardiopulmonary fitness, physical function, falls prevention and balance, general quality of life and patient reported outcomes, immunity, and psychological factors such as anxiety, depression and self-efficacy.

Drs R. Jahnke and L. Larkey – A Comprehensive Review of Health Benefits of Qigong and Tai Chi.

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