Mindfulness, Meditation & Pranayama

The Yoga Clinic Perth offer’s Mindfulness, Meditation & Pranyama class, this class is for those who wish to explore the aspect of a seated yoga practice and develop this as part of your daily yoga practice. This class aims to give you an opportunity to practice mindfulness, yogic meditation and pranayama (breathing techniques).

We often have more of a focus on our physical body by practicing our asana, this class supports students to balance body and mind, allowing space for serenity. Learn how to make the benefits of making time for yourself with peaceful and powerful rituals and relaxing routines. Yoga begins when we slow down, the practice of mindfulness, meditation and pranayama help us to still the fluctuations in our mind, supporting you to feel calm, grounded and connected. Learn how to use the techniques of pranayama, meditation and mindfulness and develop a seated practice.

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