Pre-Natal Yoga

The Yoga Clinic Perth offer’s Pre-Natal Yoga courses,  individual one to one sessions and Pregnancy Counselling (Medicare rebate available see information below). Pregnancy is an ideal opportunity to start with Yoga or adapt your current practice to the new circumstances. Yoga can support you now to experience the changes in your body in a conscious and joyful way.

Pregnancy is a very special and exciting time in every women’s life, a time to slow the pace of life down and to bring the focus back onto yourself and your baby. It is the time to come back to your intuitive and sensual feminine essence. The Prenatal Yoga Practice – is a gentle, calming and relaxing yoga practice where we stretch and strengthen the body, working consciously with breath to practice the ability to Let go – to prepare for the birthing process.

Parental Yoga can help you to find an inner calmness and serenity, gaining trust in yourself as you journey towards the birth, to develop a loving relationship with your baby and to fully enjoy your pregnancy consciously.

The focus and the exercises in the personal prenatal class can help you to soothe and soften several side affects and pain you may suffer from: morning sickness, tiredness, mind fluctuations, headache, joint pain, dizziness or back pain. The class focuses on the ideal posture for the pregnancy depending on the individual needs and trimester you are in.

Martine is a highly experienced mother / infant attachment specialist and offers an opportunity for mothers and if requested their partners (or birth support) to have the opportunity to engage in private prenatal yoga classes which are specifically tailored to your needs and stage of pregnancy. These sessions offer a combination of yoga, emotional support and an opportunity to focus on attachment, mental health and wellbeing. Pregnancy is a time of change and a wonderful opportunity for reflection and self care.

Martine also offers Non Directive Pregnancy Counselling. You are entitled to 3 sessions of counselling with a  Medicare rebate if you access a GP referral. These sessions are available to anyone who is currently pregnant or who has been pregnant in the preceding 12 months.

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