Why Yoga?

A common question is ‘What is Yoga’ and ‘Why should I practice’?

One translation of the word yoga is union or connection. So what is it we want to connect? The most common definition is to connect body, mind and soul. Yes, yoga is a way to connect deeper with the different layers of our being. Bringing the focus from an external to an internal focus, to re-centre, ground and to become aware:

To consider – What is present for me? What am I thinking? What do I feel? What is true for me right now?

Most of us in our everyday world lose the capacity to connect to our thoughts, feeling and emotions and we often get caught up in the doing, planning and nurturing of others and giving the most of our energy to our family members, friends, jobs, colleagues, and studies. Many of us struggle to balance family life, work, exercise and leisure and life balance often gets way out of whack. We disconnect to our feelings, intuition and most importantly from our hearts and lose sight of who we are as individuals and of our hopes and dreams. We become at risk of constantly using our intellectual intelligence and losing sight of our emotional intelligence, in short we are constantly up in our heads and not in our bodies or our hearts.


Our hearts and our higher knowledge is much wiser then our minds, but many of us have forgotten how to listen.


The path of Yoga is to find the way back, back inside, back to our hearts, back home! Remembering our essence, remembering who we are, our true nature which is divine love, creative consciousness, pure light. In order to do this we have to slow down, and become still to be really present. We have to peel the layers of our thinking mind away, and learn how to dive into the meditative state of pure sensing – being and presence, in this space of stillness, between movement and breath. Yoga gives us this opportunity by providing us with a structure to use our breath as a guide, withdraw from our senses, develop concentration and move in tune with our breath. Yoga is a union between body and breath and in slowing down the breath and letting the breath flow with movement we develop a calm mind, and to set an intention and allow that intention to guide us.

Yoga is a combination of activation and relaxation of the central nervous system, the practice provides us with balance and grounding in each class. Depending on the class, some classes aim at activating and filling the body with energy and other classes are aimed at relaxing the body and providing restoration or both in order to create balance.

The Benefits of Yoga:

  • increased flexibility in body and mind
  • physical strength, vitality and health
  • deeper and fuller breathing
  • increases mindfulness and body awareness
  • strengthening of the immune system
  • massages internal organs
  • regulates the central nervous system
  • increases focus & concentration abilities
  • upright and strong posture
  • gaining self-confidence
  • positive thinking and mind set
  • becoming clear about your life purpose
  • deeper connection with your feelings and heart
  • increased awareness & consciousness in everyday life
  • strengthens self esteem
  • develops patience and tolerance
  • peace in your heart
  • living from the heart space, showing love and compassion to others
  • inner calmness and balance
  • becoming sensitive to energies
  • learning to listen to your body
  • trusting your intuition





The Yoga Clinic focuses on holistic mental and physical wellbeing.