Martine began her journey with Yoga in her teens accompanying her mother to a Yoga class. Her teacher who was in her 70’s was an inspiration to her due to her strength, flexibility, passion for teaching and joy for life. On hearing of her teacher’s journey with a life threatening, debilitating disease in her 50’s and her journey of healing through Yoga, Martine knew that Yoga was magical and transformative and much more than just a fitness workout. This sparked a passion. Martine, is the founder of The Yoga Clinic and is a dedicated Yogi, passionate Yoga Teacher and Psychotherapist.

She believes that our world would be a better place if each of us would embrace a practice of mindfulness through yoga and meditation and getting to know and love ourselves. She knows about the great impact and the transformative power that yoga, the practice of Ayurveda and the benefit of relationships can have on our lives. No matter what history, religion, age, or anatomy you have. Yoga has given her a sense of calm and of being at home with herself. 

She loves supporting others to grow in confidence, connect to their bodies and become more precious to themselves. Her vision is to create a safe place where you can have a ‘present moment’ and ‘mindful’ experience. 


My daily practice gives me the confidence to live my life with authenticity and integrity. I feel deeply privileged to be sharing yoga and therapy services with others. I hope to facilitate a safe space in which you can experience your body and breath as a pathway to healing; as a pathway to be.


Martine McDougall

Martine’s Classes & Sessions

Martine and The Yoga Clinic Perth now operate out of Pax Centre. Martine currently has a 4-6 month wait for individual, couples and family therapy and one on one yoga. The schedule for group courses of Trauma Centred Yoga and Yoga for Anxiety can be found at www.paxcentre.com.au/courses.